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The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.

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original title: Blue Thunder

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller



duration: 1h 49min

tags: Flying the most lethal weapon ever made... The Blue Thunder Special. At his fingertips, an infrared camera that can see right through your bedroom walls. A microphone that can record your most intimat


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Frank Murphy, of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Police's helicopter division (ASTRO), and newcomer Richard Lymangood on his first patrol, help take down the perpetrators of what appears to be a robbery and attempted rape of a city councilwoman. They are little aware of the much larger and more sinister plot behind the attack, much less that they will soon find themselves right in the middle of it. Murphy (Roy Scheider) and Lymangood (Daniel Stern) then learn that they have been selected to test a new, state-of-the-art, high-performance helicopter with cutting-edge surveillance capabilities--Blue Thunder. Disconcertingly, unlike other police aircraft, Blue Thunder is also equipped with powerful weaponry. When Murphy is introduced to the lead pilot for the program he finds that it is an old nemesis from his tours in Vietnam, Col. Cochrane (Malcolm McDowell), who is none too pleased to learn who has been selected for the test. Soon Murphy and Lymangood, via the helicopter's information system, discover disquieting hints that there may be much bigger and less honorable plans for the 'copter than they've been told, leading them to defy orders and seek more information on their own. It is now up to them, with the help of Murphy's spirited wife, Kate, to blow the lid off the plot and expose the villainy within. The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle. One of the things that really caught my attention about this film was the brief blurb at the beginning which stated something to the effect of "All of the surveillance equipment depicted in this film exists and is in use in the United States." Knowing what I do of technology, I am not surprised that those capabilities existed back then. However, I received a powerful demonstration of the stealth technology called "whisper mode" in the film, a couple of years after seeing it. I live near a major U.S. Army firing range, and our local airport hosts a considerable amount of military traffic. At this particular time, I was renting a house about one kilometer from the airport. I went out for a walk late one Sunday night, and, shortly after leaving the house, I heard a noise I could not identify. It was a loud hissing sound, 'which seemed very close at hand, but I could not locate the source, until I looked up. Passing overhead at about 200 meters was a Chinook helicopter, the type with two rotors, and fuselage that looks kind of like a banana. Normally, the rotor noise on these cargo helicopters will rattle windows, but this baby was tip-toeing out of town very quietly. If I had been indoors, I never would have heard it. This made me completely rethink the sequence where the helicopter was hovering right outside of a building, and the people inside couldn't hear it! I took it for artistic license at the time, but the demonstration I witnessed of "whisper mode" made it seem entirely feasible.

This film appealed to me strongly, for several reasons. I am a techno freak, to begin with, and I love anything that flies. Also, the characters in the movie are amazingly human, kooky, (especially the lead characters wife,) and easy to identify with. And the kind of shenanigans the Feds were trying to pull seem all too realistic to me, in light of some of the things that they have been caught doing! And I loved the response of sending a couple of F-15's armed with missiles after the renegade, when he is stooging around in downtown Los Angeles. Missiles are not known for being highly selective when they are of the heat seeking type, and urban areas are rich with thermal signatures which can confuse the tiny brain packed into an air-to-air missile. The filmmakers actually downplayed the havoc that could result from launching such weapons in a downtown area.

I found the film to be an enjoyable, realistic, thought provoking experience, which I would recommend to most people. The hardware is not the star, thanks to the excellent work of Roy Scheider and his supporting cast, and the dialog is tight and realistic. When informed that one of the suspects in a liquor store robbery is wearing a Hawiian shirt and a cowboy hat, Scheider's character says, "What ever happened to being inconspicuous?" John Badham directed this helicopter adventure yarn that stars Roy Scheider as L.A. officer and police pilot Frank Murphy, who is assigned a new partner(played by Daniel Stern) and a new assignment: to test pilot a new stealth experimental helicopter to be used to combat civilian crime, but Frank becomes suspicious when the project manager turns out to be an old nemesis from his Vietnam war days, a Col. Cochrane(played by Malcolm McDowell) who does indeed have nefarious plans for the "Blue Thunder", and Murphy becomes determined to not only expose the program, but destroy it... Interesting premise and good cast are wasted in this clich辿d picture that becomes alarmingly ridiculous, right down to its preposterous showdown between Murphy & Cochrane, which takes viewer out of picture altogether. The director, John Badham, does a glamorous, showy job, and, what with all the stunt flying and the hair-trigger editing, this is the sort of action film that can make you fell sick with excitement, yet it's all technique -- suspense in a void. On the DVD a chase at the end has been shortend and shows alternative material. The tape offers a car stunt whole the driver escapes a bit boring in the shorter version.


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